Are You Looking For a New Property Manager?

Our team of experts will help you determine what makes a successful vacation rental property. We won’t represent every property - but every property we represent is a winner.

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Please Note:

We’ve streamlined the process for learning about the Acme system and Partnership. Check it out below.

More Than a Property Management Company

Your Palm Springs vacation home is a substantial investment as you know! Considering all the dedication a successful venture like this requires, this is not a search to hire a property management company, you should be looking for a business partner.

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Our partner-owners bring an amazing property with the desire to be a top host, we bring expertise in property care, guest services, marketing, branding, and revenue management. Together, we are in the business of creating best-in-class guest experiences.

Our goal is not to be the largest property manager in Palm Springs. Our dream is and always has been, to be the most respected property manager in Palm Springs by our guests, our owners, and the community. Being a consistent, award-winning host is hard work and it takes both of us doing our part.

Partnership Pillars

We are the best fit for owners who are concerned about the following:


Maximizing rental income through dynamic revenue management, diversified and sophisticated marketing channels and brand strategy.


Partnering with the best luxury host in Palm Springs that understands the guest experience and the importance of managing a brand, guest reviews, and reputation of the property.


Take pride in ownership by being communicative and part of the process to solve maintenance issues as they arise and working with the team to keep your furnishings and decor in pristine condition.


Value honesty and integrity over perfection. We are all human and mistakes happen. Recognizing them as quickly as possible and working together to come up with a reasonable and equitable solution should be the goal.

Is your property located on our map?

To ensure our portfolio matches current demand, we are only seeking homes located in the highlighted areas on the map below.

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The Process

Step 1: Attend a Live Webinar with the Portfolio Management Team of Acme House Company

Attend a live webinar introducing the Acme House Company program, our portfolio & brand, the services we offer to Owner Partners and how they benefit you over a traditional manager, and the type of properties, locations and amenities that are sure to knock it out of the park as a vacation rental.

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Step 2: Schedule a 1:1 Property Review with the Portfolio Management Team

Let’s have a candid discussion on the location, amenities, and style of your property to ensure we are the right fit. We call our clients "partners" because we strive for mutually beneficial partnerships, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Once we mutually agree to move to the next step, we start working on a revenue projection.

Step 3: Property Tour & Revenue Projection Review

With a completed analysis for your revenue projection, we meet (preferably at your property) to ensure we have accurately captured your property’s potential and your goals. We provide the revenue projection as well as a blank management agreement for review a day or so before this meeting in order to maximize the effectiveness of our time together.

Step 4: The Paperwork & To-Do List

With your management agreement signed, our onboarding team goes into action! The go-live process is not simple – with at least 98 different steps required, ranging from photography, to house naming and website narrative, to safety inspections, city licensing, etc. – however, Acme is in the driver’s seat and will make the process as easy as possible.

Step 5: Market Launch!

Please note that due to the volume of inquiries, we are currently only scheduling 1:1 Property Review Meetings for individuals that have attended at least one live webinar to ensure that we are a good fit and communicate with as many potential partners as possible with limited capacity and excess demand.