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Soul of Mexico


It's appropriate that this restaurant’s extensive menu is filled with family recipes since it's run by brothers Francisco, Eddie, Juan, and Jose Lua. And don't be surprised if their mother, Teresa, stops by your table to see how you're enjoying your meal. Some of the more popular dishes are Chile Relleno en Abogada, stuffed with shrimp and topped with an Alfredo-type sauce; Enchiladas Suizas, Enchiladas a la Veracruz, and Enchiladas Michoácan, the latter is filled with mashed potatoes. Or try the Trio Enchiladas—chicken, cheese, and beef enchiladas that are topped with, respectively, a green, white, and red sauce. If that reminds you of the colors on the flag of Mexico, it’s no coincidence. Fajita fans are in for a treat as well. Soul of Mexico makes theirs with white wine and a bit of achiote, which adds an earthy flavor. For renters in La Quinta, the restaurant is just a short drive.

Phone Number

(760) 200-8787