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Rooster and the Pig


This Vietnamese-American restaurant is hugely popular with both locals and visitors. What isn't huge are the restaurant's indoor and outdoor dining areas. So be prepared for a worthwhile wait that will give you time to decide on dishes divided into clever categories such as, "you begin" (spicy okra with roasted chili pepper seeds, shallot, and peanuts); "you eat fresh" (shredded chicken, purple cabbage, fennel, dates, cashews, and cilantro); "best you share" (banh mi beef burger with pickled daikon, mint, and house mayo); and "you likey my spring roll" (lemongrass pork with dates, cucumber, lettuce and shallots). Rooster and the Pig is a great option for guests staying in any of Acme's Palm Springs rentals.

Phone Number

(760) 832-6691