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Bucatini Trattoria


If you're renting in Palm Desert or La Quinta, Bucatini is a great Italian dining experience. Their menu has an extensive selection of pastas, seafood, and chicken dishes, as well as pizzas prepared in a wood-fired brick oven. (Bucatini is a thick spaghetti that has a hole running through its center.) Among the starters is an unusual take on garlic bread—Bucatini features a garlic flatbread sprinkled with parsley and melted pecorino Romano cheese. And if you're tired of everyone's straightforward take on fettuccine Alfredo you just might fall for Bucatini’s version with chicken and lemon zest. Even lasagna gets its own spin. Instead of choosing between a red sauce or a white sauce you can order Lasagna Emiliana, which is prepared with both meat sauce and béchamel.


36901 Cook St #10, Palm Desert
(760) 636-5906

46660 Washington St #8-9, La Quinta
(760) 777-9007

Phone Number

(760) 636-5906