Uptown Glam at Villa Alejo – A Part of Palm Springs History!

PALM SPRINGS, CA – Uptown Glam at Villa Alejo is one of the newest additions to our fabulous portfolio of luxury vacation homes. What sets this condo apart from the rest lies within the unique vibe of the design with its rich bold colors, various textures and patterns used throughout, and the artfully curated portrait gallery that welcomes you home.

This distinctive aesthetic seems to be a common theme for the owner and designer, David Marks, of “David Marks of Actual Interior Design.” You can’t help but notice the amount of detail and thought that went into creating this one-of-a-kind vacation home rental.

From the quaint colorful kitchen to the dramatic master bedroom draped in crushed velvet fabric, this home has been updated to highlight its original finishes while making room for eclectic mid-century modern inspired pieces. We spoke with Marks regarding his vision for the condo and why he chose Palm Springs:

What was your inspiration for the design?

Part of the fun of working with vintage homes is that each one comes with its own defining characteristics. This space retained many of its original 1965 details, is part of a large, multi-level building, and faces out to amazing mountain views.

Most of the light comes through the wall of glass that opens to the balcony, and this brought to mind the glamorous interiors of 1960s sitcoms like Family Affair and Green Acres. Both shows feature “high-rise” living with prominent balconies (and both are from the exact era of Villa Alejo), but the penthouse that Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) is so reluctant to leave on Green Acres was particularly inspiring. You only get small glimpses of it in the opening credits, but its Modernism is contrasted with gilded “historical” chairs next to animal print sofas and full-length drapes; its clean walls are accentuated with planes of color or texture or art.

Also, the original faux “paneled” closet doors throughout this apartment suggested a more formal vibe that inspired us to source glitzy fixtures like the gold swan faucet with crystal knobs and the collection of mid-century portraiture.

Do you have a favorite portrait hanging on the walls?

The four portraits above the bed in the master bedroom are a favorite. They show the same man as he ages over four decades, seemingly the 1950s through the early 1980s. We found them at an estate in Northern California, but don’t know the man’s backstory. The changes in his looks definitely invite speculation.

What do you love about Palm Springs?

We love living in a community of people who are obsessed with good design, not only in architecture, but in furniture, art, housewares and fashion. Here you get the best of the mid-century and the really important perks of the 21st century like the freedom to be your true self.

As Marks mentioned, the era of the interior design accompanies the building’s glamorous history.  Villa Alejo was built and developed in the mid-1960s by Robert Meyers and Victor Koozin.  If you’re from Palm Springs you’ll recognize the building almost immediately, it is known for its grand geometric breezeblock design on the facade.  The rectangular layout of the building is meant to wrap around the center courtyard encompassing the expansive pool.  Rumor has it the community was originally built as luxury apartments for Hollywood movie stars!


Photo Credit: Drew Metzger

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