SUMMER IS HERE: Live Life – Like it’s the Last Day of School!

PALM SPRINGS, CA – Finally! Summer is here – that stretch of long, lazy days when we are less hassled with responsibilities and more focused on making memories. It’s a time to catch lightening bugs in a jar, stay in the pool until you’re wrinkled like a prune, and make late night runs for ice cream. While Spring may be the time for new beginnings –  we all know Summer is when memories are made.

20110927-HilltopDriveIn1950sIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a pint-size 8 year old or a child of the 1950s who is maturing gracefully. These early days of Summer are full of promise, overflowing with optimism and downright exciting. It’s the end of June – so live life – like it’s the last day of school.

w1200_h678_fmax bwIf you are like me – Summer is all about making memories. Hanging with friends. Connecting with the family.  This is when you can step back to enjoy some together time with the people you really care about.

1960s-family-carRemember those road trips with Mom & Dad? At the time, they seemed lame and torturous – but now, all these years later – that’s the thing you and your sisters talk about every time you get together.  And how about those Summers at The Lake with the cousins?


Summer – it’s when you fell in love for the first time, learned to ride a bike, and actually got to know that uncle from up north. Its also when you first met that kid from around the block – the lifelong friend who stood up for you at your first (and maybe second) wedding.

dreamstime_xl_24191742 bwHave you made plans for the Summer yet? Now is the time. Pick up your cell phone. Call, text or email a few of your favorite peeps to make a plan for doing something epic together this summer. It doesn’t much matter what you do – as long as it involves spending quality time with people you really care about. Laughing, night swimming and kitchen dancing required.

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Check out this cool video about what is waiting for you this Summer in Palm Springs. Make plans. Make memories. 

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