East Coast Weather Has Palm Springs Phones Ringing

Record low temperatures up and down the east coast have been causing the phones to ring off the hook in Palm Springs. People from Maine to Washington DC have had it up to their frozen eyebrows with all the snow.

Ken Hudnall, Reservations Manager of Acme House Co., a vacation rental management company offering more than 70 pool homes in Palm Springs proper, says their phones have not stopped since the start of this last snow storm. But it isn’t people who are trying to escape the snow now. According to  Hudnall, most of the calls are from people who are planning ahead for next January and February.

“Many of our guests book in advance. That is very common. But In the past week we have had an unusually high number of advance bookings for next January and February,” explained Hudnall.   “And these are not people from the drive market. These calls are coming from snow country – New Jersey, Vermont, Cleveland. Lots of calls from Philly and Washington, DC.”

One call was from lifelong Kings Park, New York resident Gina Louise who said “Enough already. I am done with this snow.”

The clothing designer, who is the creative genius behind Gina Louise Designs, is making plans to head to warmer ground. She will spend most of March in Palm Springs and is already exploring her options for spending much of next winter in the California desert.

“That first snow fall of the winter is beautiful,” said Ms. Louise. “But by the time February rolls around, I have had my fill. So I am being proactive now by making my plans for next year.  I enjoy Palm Springs. I have friends there. The weather is always gorgeous, and my clothing line has been getting a lot of attention there. And the vacation homes available through Acme House Co. are amazing. Ken the Reservations Manager always takes care of me. When this last storm started kicking up, I picked up the phone and called Acme.”

Vacation home rentals are a great alternative to the standard hotel.  If you are traveling with family or a group of friends, vacation homes can offer great savings, lots of privacy, and a level of relaxation that you aren’t going to find in a busy hotel.

If you are looking to find the perfect place to escape the snow, check out the Palm Springs pool homes offered by Acme House Co.

Acme House Company manages Luxury Vacation Home Rentals in Greater Palm Springs, catering to those looking to travel to the world-renowned desert destination for the season, week-long stays and extended weekends. Visit Acme’s Website to explore more homes.

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