Queen of the Desert – The inspiration behind it!

This fabulous Vacation Home Rental truly has it all!

PALM SPRINGS, CA – We just can’t get enough of this gorgeous addition to our portfolio of luxury vacation home rentals – Queen of the Desert! This fabulous property is off-the-charts gorgeous and truly has it all: retro-chic designer art and furnishings, fun photo ops everywhere, and a fab backyard made for relaxing in the Palm Springs sunshine!

One step through the door and it was clear just how much thought and planning went into the creation of Queen of the Desert, so we decided to have a chat with Acme’s Property Owner Partner Lindsey Wright about the inspiration behind this fabulous property.

Read what she had to say below:

What was the inspiration behind the home?
To find the inspiration for the house, all you’d have to do is check out the gallery wall! We really wanted to honor all of the women that showed up and paved the way for us. It was important for us to create a beautiful setting that embraces and celebrates the power of women from every corner of the house. 

Why the name “Queen of the Desert”?
As we were working with our amazing design team (Coachella Valley Life & Style), the word “Queen” kept running through our minds the whole time – call it women’s intuition.

We love the children’s books in every room! Is there a reason you chose the books you did? And what about the gallery wall?
Well, reading is fundamental 😉 and when we have little ones stay, we wanted to have some fun and inspiring books for them! Besides, Maya, Freida, and the Golden Girls are legends. As for the gallery wall, we can’t wait for that entire room to continue to grow as we hear the voices of more women in the future! 

What’s your favorite thing about this gorgeous home?
Our favorite part of the Queen is what greets you outside. As bright as the inside is, the outside is a full relaxation station. Most of our time here is spent on the pool’s shelf reading under the umbrella. We love the outdoor kitchen and living space to gather for a meal with friends, and maybe a game of light-up bocce ball by the fire pit when the sun goes down. And the views from the spa are *chef’s kiss*! 

Is there anything else you want guests to know about your home?
We can’t wait to have you stay with us! We’ve been so ecstatic about the response we’ve received from all of our guests, and we just know you’ll love it, too. 


Photos: Drew Metzger

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