Palm Springs Life Looks at Vacation Home Design

Palm Springs, CA – – Get the inside scoop on the making of a successful Palm Springs Luxury Vacation Home Rental. Palm Springs Life Magazine takes a look at how the design team of Francie Flynn and John-Patrick worked with Solterra Builders and Acme House Co. to help the property owners create a profitable Palm Springs paradise.

Photos by Eric Lynch

Hidden Haven - Palm Springs Vacation Home rental available through Acme House Co. Photo: Eric Lynch
Hidden Haven – Palm Springs Vacation Home Rental available through Acme House Co.

Writer Lawrence Karol talks with the design team, the builder and the professional management company to learn how they combined a great location, smart design choices, and popular amenities to produce Hidden Haven – a vacation home rental that generated more than 172 nights booked in its first 20 days on the market.

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Acme House Company manages Luxury Vacation Home Rentals in Greater Palm Springs, catering to those looking to travel to the world-renowned desert destination for the season, week-long stays and extended weekends. Visit Acme’s Website to explore more homes.

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