Miss Foodie Problems gets a Taste of Palm Springs………

PALM SPRINGS, CA – As she nibbled her way through Greater Palm Springs,  celebrity blogger Miss Foodie Problems used the Citrus Twist, a vacation home managed by Acme House Company – as her home away from home. Between visits to culinary desert hot spots like Chef Tanya’s Kitchen, Reservoir at Arrive and Rooster and the Pig – this gastronomic gadabout immersed herself in the luxury that is Palm Springs.

While staying at Citrus Twist she plucked fresh fruit from the backyard orchard, used the juicer to concoct cocktail creations and sipped them poolside.  And yes – she even played a little ping pong. Such is life at a Palm Springs Vacation Rental like the Citrus Twist.

The end result of this Palm Springs getaway – or should we say the icing on the cake  – is that Miss Foodie Problems created a fab fab list of 10 Tasty Reasons to Come to Greater Palm Springs. Read her full post on the Visit Greater Palm Springs website.

In the meantime, check out this smorgasbord of photos from Miss Foodie Problems’ stay at the Citrus Twist in Deepwell and follow her  on Instagram: @MISSFOODIEPROBLEMS  Twitter: @MISSFOODIEPROBS  Snapchat: @MISSFOODIEPROB

Photos: Nathan Cox Studios




Could this house be more perfect for Miss Foodie Problems?

Now that’s a happy foodie!



Who could she be calling on this citrus-colored retro phone?

Of course, she called Roman Blas at Over the Rainbow Desserts and he sent over some of his artisan cupcakes. It’s the perfect way to end the evening with your friends.

You can read more about Miss Foodie Problems Favorite Places to Eat in Greater Palm Springs.

Things To Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is just about two hours away from San Diego and Los Angeles. Daily flights are available to the Palm Springs International Airport from major U.S. cities.  You’ll find the sun shining some 350 days per year, world-class golf courses, amazing hiking trails, fabulous restaurants and an entire city that is dedicated to celebrating midcentury modern design and architecture.

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