“In Their Words” with Dawn McCoy

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lemon Twist courtesy of Acme House Company

PALM SPRINGS, CA – Is there anything Dawn McCoy can’t do? Chances are, you already recognize Dawn as a television and podcast host, social media influencer, actor, writer, humanitarian, and overall PERSONALITY.

As Dawn describes it, “I get to be me for a living, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.”

Photo: Nathan Cox courtesy of Acme House Company

Based in Los Angeles, Dawn’s work as a beauty and lifestyle expert gives her ample opportunity to dish on her love of all things fashion, beauty, home décor, travel – and food! Dawn is one of LA’s favorite foodies, writing and hosting segments on food and wine, including Dine & Dish with Dawn, while raising awareness as a No Kid Hungry Ambassador.

Dawn has appeared on Extra, Access Hollywood, and Dr. Oz (to name a few!) and has collaborated with hundreds of brands and organizations including L’oreal, Target, Pandora, Nordstrom, Visit Palm Desert and (drum roll, please)… Acme!

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lemon Twist courtesy of Acme House Company

Dawn represents the Acme experience out there in the big wide world as an Acme Ambassador with a personal style that aligns so perfectly with our own. “I call the way I work, write, and share experiences friendly luxury,” Dawn explains. “What I mean by that is luxury with a smile rather than stuffy or stuck-up. Acme is the same. It’s luxury, but with no pretense or judgment.”

A self-described “do-gooder”, Dawn founded the #DEAR15ME social media movement as a way to let today’s teens know that they are not alone. Since then, inspiring celebrities including Elizabeth Banks, Cindy Crawford, and Lea Michele have all joined in, sharing words of wisdom with their former 15 year- old selves.

Photo: Dawn McCoy during Modernism Week Fall Preview 2018, courtesy of Acme House Company

We got the chance to catch up with Dawn recently as she reflected on life, love, and some of her favorite Acme experiences. “Acme is known for a top-tier customer experience,” Dawn raves, “but they are also the friendliest folks you’ll meet. Those are my kind of people!” Oh, Dawn, you really know the way to our hearts!

“Staying with ACME simply spoils you for all else!” she adds.

Oh, go on!

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lions Gate Estate

What usually brings you to the Palm Springs area? Business, pleasure, or a little of both?

As an extreme extrovert – who makes my living by being just that – I leave LA and head out to the desert whenever I can just to BREATHE. As soon as I see those mills in view through my windshield, I roll down the windows, crank up Sam Cooke and take a big deep breath.

But, I also conduct quite a bit of business out here as the creative content producer for the City of Palm Desert, El Paseo and more!

Dawn McCoy with friends Elizabeth Odom Baker, Nick Yedinak, Dana Patterson, Arianna Thormopoulos, Ajeet Mann, and Nita Mann at Christopher Kennedy’s showroom

What was your introduction to all things Acme?

My dear friend, the designer Christopher Kennedy, introduced me to Acme homes. Christopher said I simply must get to know Acme House Co and (Acme Brand Manager) JP Flynn. Within a month of being introduced, I stayed in my first Acme home and I’ve rarely stayed anywhere else since.

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Villa Carmelita – The Sonny & Cher House, Nathan Cox courtesy of Acme House Company

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Villa Carmelita – The Sonny & Cher House, Nathan Cox courtesy of Acme House Company

We know it’s hard to choose, but what are a few of your favorite Acme homes?

Ooh! That IS hard! It changes constantly because I stay with Acme so frequently, but Villa Carmelita just feels like the Tuscan countryside in the middle of Palm Springs. The pool and outdoor space, which sit in the middle of all of the ensuites, just scream luxury and vacation. My favorite ritual there is sitting on the huge, comfy sofa by the outdoor fireplace with a big cup of coffee and my laptop, getting a headstart on my work for the day.

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lions Gate Estate, Nathan Cox courtesy of Acme House Company

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lions Gate Estate, Nathan Cox courtesy of Acme House Company

Lion’s Gate Estate is where Nick and I fell in love. It just feels like home and I could never tire of its warm, welcome space and family-friendly design. As we prepare for the arrival of our first child this fall, I can’t wait to introduce this little family member to our home-away-from home where our family’s story began.

Spero Estate is the ultimate spot for a family or friend-centered weekend. While it feels SO luxe and glam, it also has that feeling of home that Acme is famous for. I don’t know how they find that perfect balance between luxurious design and family-friendly living, but Acme has got it down to a science.

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Boho Rhapsody, Ncourtesy of Acme House Company

Can you tell us a little about your collaboration with Visit Palm Desert?

I had worked with Palm Desert Food & Wine and Fashion Week El Paseo, and just fell in love with the place, the people, the shops, and the restaurants. When Visit Palm Desert reached out about my company, Dawn McCoy Media, coming on as their content producer and curator, I was thrilled.

Through my work with Visit Palm Desert, I have come to love both the place and the people even more – and what I love most of all is all of the cross-collaborations we get to do with my other clients and partners. It is such a wonderfully delicious small world!

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lemon Twist, Ncourtesy of Acme House Company

We know you are quite the foodie – what are some go-to spots for a bite or a cocktail when you’re in town?

My favorite classic martini is at The Parker Mini Bar, preferably served extra dirty – with extra olives!

Cheeky’s is WELL worth that wait. The green juice is the best, the Bloody Mary is not to be missed, and our table can’t leave without sharing at least one corn pancake with blueberries or the monkey bread.”

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lemon Twist, Ncourtesy of Acme House Company

The iconic Melvyn’s was Frank Sinatra’s favorite place to savor a steak. The Steak Diane is what the fabulous locals order.

And Seymour’s to me is THE definition of “nightcap”.

Everyone has one or more magical Palm Springs moments – care to tell us about one of yours?

Which one? There are too many to count!

Photo: Dawn McCoy and Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant at Bon Vivant Palms, courtesy of Acme House Company

I remember an epic Palm Springs weekend when Christopher Kennedy invited me to a party at the Liberace Estate. I invited my good friend, Janie Bryant (costume designer for Mad Men and so much more), and we all hung out all weekend staying up late in the pool, sipping wine, and forming new friendships.

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Jagger House during Modernism Week Fall Preview 2018, courtesy of Acme House Company

Modernism Week – or adult creative camp as I call it – is another of those magical times where the fun is free-flowing and friendships abound. I even got to design the “Moet Bubble Bath” (which went viral) for the Christopher Kennedy Compound, which was a huge life goal I didn’t even know I had!

Photo: Dawn McCoy at Lions Gate Estate, Nathan Cox courtesy of Acme House Company

And I fell in love in Palm Springs, at an Acme house, no less – Lion’s Gate Estate! Just a few weeks into dating Nick, I remember hitting Christopher Kennedy’s grand opening party at his new location, and then Nick and I drove down the strip and back to Lion’s Gate Estate while singing along to Dean Martin’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” I just remember thinking, “I’m in love with this magical city. I’m falling in love with this man.” I remember feeling so incredibly happy.

These are the nights that make up our Palm Springs love stories and keep us coming back again and again and again.

Photo: Dawn McCoy, Nathan Cox courtesy of Acme House Company

Keep up with Dawn at www.iamDawnMcCoy.com and on Instagram: @iamDawnMcCoy

ABOUT THE WRITER:  Modern Mary is a traveling gadabout who adores everything Palm Springs – from the architecture and design to the art, fashion and lifestyle.  A social butterfly in the most modern sense – Mary enjoys swanky cocktail parties, gallery openings, music festivals, shopping and anything pink or yellow. She is a frequent contributor to the Acme Blog –  keeping our readers up to speed on who is staying at our fab fab vacation rental homes and what’s going on in Greater Palm Springs and the surrounding desert cities of the Coachella Valley.  Modern Mary loves big floppy hats, Jackie O sunglasses and prefers sensible shoes over back-breaking high heels.

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