The Daily Beast: Palm Springs Draws Young Creatives

Palm Springs, CA – Acme House Company is in the news again. The Daily Beast, known for its award-winning reporting on pop culture and everything cool – looks at Palm Springs and how it has become a retreat for young creatives. Check out the inside scoop on how thirty-somethings discover Palm Springs Vacation Home Rentals.

A new generation of thirty-something creatives discover the appeal of Palm Springs Vacation Home Rentals. Caroline Ryder, an L.A. based journalist, author and screenwriter enjoys a long weekend at Alexander’s Blue Hawaiian, a Palm Springs Vacation Home Rental available through Acme House Company. Photo: Dre Naylor

In this latest article, writer Lawrence Karol reports on how a new generation of thirty-something creatives from Los Angeles (and around the world) has discovered Palm Springs Vacation Home Rentals as the perfect setting to relax, unwind and be inspired.

Karol interviewed Caroline Ryder, a London transplant to L.A. who works as a  journalist, author, and screenwriter.  Ryder escapes to Palm Springs often, usually choosing to rent a private pool home from Acme House Company. Three Amigos Ranch, Alexanders Blue Hawaiian and Hidden Haven are among her favorites.

“I just find that magical things happen in the desert all the time,” says Ryder. “You have this sort of civility of Palm Springs and the adjacent wildness of the high desert and no matter where you go in between those two places, magical things happen. I can’t even begin to list the life-changing experiences I’ve had out in the desert.”

On a recent trip to Palm Springs to celebrate her birthday, Ryder brought along a few friends to stay at Alexanders Blue Hawaiian, one of the Palm Springs Vacation Home Rentals managed by Acme House Company. For her, the weekend was all about getting together with her  best friends in a completely relaxed environment where they could work on their projects, share ideas, have meals together and enjoy night swimming in the pool that comes with  an underwater disco light show .

“It’s probably the best birthday I’ve ever had,” says Ryder. “I was there for five days and I didn’t leave [the house] once. My friends went out to get food. I was just there and completely, blissfully sort of in this Palm Springs bubble.”

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Story Highlights: Thirty-somethings discover Vacation Home Rentals. Mentions dining hot spots Eight4Nine, SO*PA, Tropicale. Shopping highlights Deja Vu, Trousdales.

ABOUT ACME HOUSE COMPANY:  Acme manages Luxury Vacation Home Rentals in Greater Palm Springs and the surrounding desert cities, catering to those looking to travel to the world-renowned desert destination for the season, week-long stays and extended weekends. Visit Acme’s Website to explore more homes. Thirty-somethings discover Vacation Home Rentals.

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