Book a Palm Springs Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel Room

Being a hub for tourism, Palm Springs has its fair share of both hotels and vacation rentals. And while iconic hotels certainly have their place in Palm Springs’ history and their role in the tourism industry, we at Acme House Co. feel that Palm Springs vacation rentals are not only the way of the future, but provide a much more memorable vacation experience during your time in Palm Springs. Below, we’ve laid out why we think you should choose our vacation rentals instead of opting for a standard hotel. Read on to learn more! 

Experience a New Side of Palm Springs 

Everyone knows how the typical hotel experience goes. Even at the fanciest hotel, you get a single room, a standard bed, no privacy, but access to amenities that may or may not be worth the money. Don’t get us wrong; for those who don’t mind settling for whatever’s most convenient, these things can work just fine for your vacation. 

However, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle. If you’re paying for a fabulous vacation, you deserve a fabulous experience. Our vacation rentals in Palm Springs CA provide space, privacy, and amenities, all for a much more justifiable rate than you’ll encounter at any hotel.  

Above and beyond what they provide physically, our properties also give you and your guests the opportunity to see a side of Palm Springs that you wouldn’t in a hotel, living closer to the authentic, local experience instead of the typical tourist’s experience gamut. 

How We Stand Out from the Competition 

Our Palm Springs vacation rentals are located throughout Greater Palm Springs, from elite properties in Downtown Palm Springs to sprawling homes in locales like Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage. We have a range of properties to suit your vacation needs, from chic condos to vast villas.  

Though each of our properties brings something unique to the table, you’ll find a standard of excellence that can’t be beat, including open floor plans, tasteful décor, and access to amenities such as private and community pools, spas, outdoor lounge spaces, and more. You’ll also enjoy the exclusive privacy that comes with staying in a private vacation property, rather than having to worry about noisy hotel neighbors. Finally, a stay with us means you’ll be treated to superior customer service, making the difference between an average experience and a phenomenal one. 

Give Us a Call Today and Plan Your Getaway in a Palm Springs Vacation Rental! 

See the difference for yourself! Choose from our incredible selection of vacation rentals in Palm Springs CA and you’ll fall in love with a home away from home, centrally located within mere minutes of Palm Springs’ best attractions and activities. Contact our team of reservation specialists and learn more information today when you book your lodgings with us! 



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