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In Palm Springs, there are a wide range of incredible tour experiences suited to a variety of interests. Among these tour providers, Sky Watcher Stargazing Tours stands out as a unique entertainment and sightseeing experience that we highly recommend for our guests who are interested in a one-of-a-kind tour during their stay. Read on below to learn more about how you can go stargazing in Palm Springs with Sky Watcher Stargazing Tours!

Experience the Majesty of the Desert at Night

Secluded in the inland desert of Southern California, the ethereal deserts surrounding Palm Springs offer a glimpse into the universe, the night sky stretching into an awe-inspiring, star-dotted canvas that has stirred the imaginations of everyone from Native American tribes to scientists for centuries.

With Sky Watcher Stargazing Tours, you and your guests can immerse yourself in this incredible tableau with the added benefit of a guide. The ultimate in nighttime educational entertainment, Sky Watcher Stargazing Tours combines the stunning beauty of the desert night sky with Native American mythological stories, modern science, and a dash of theatrical spectacle to entertain tour-goers while giving them a greater appreciate for the past, present, and future of our stars.

Palm Springs stargazing tours with Sky Watcher Stargazing Tours can be tailored to small or enormous groups, consisting of telescope viewings, old-fashioned storytelling, mapping your way with the stars, trivia facts about our cosmos, and complimentary candy like Starburst, Mars, and Milky Way candy, among other items. Tours tend to last up to four hours and are tailored to the interests of participants, with guides assigned based on the number of telescopes and sky binoculars needed. Private tours are priced at $249.00, while corporate group tours begin at $495.00. Weekly tours are also available, with half-price indoor options in the event that inclement weather occurs.

Sky Watcher Stargazing Tours is based out of the dynamic and diverse city of Palm Desert in the Greater Palm Springs area. You can find their office at 75108 Gerald Ford Dr., Suite 3, Palm Desert, CA 92211. You can also reach the company by phone at (619) 483-4185, by email at [email protected], or on their website at

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