Indian Canyons Palm Springs, CA

The Indian Canyons of Palm Springs are a series of breathtaking natural attractions with opportunities for outdoor recreation and learning about the history and culture of our beautiful region. Read on below to learn more about Palm Springs’ Indian Canyons and what they have to offer during your time here!

Immerse Yourself in an Otherworldly Desert Setting

Located just south of Palm Springs, the Indian Canyons refer to four separate canyons: Tahquitz Canyon, Palm Canyon, Andreas Canyon, and Murray Canyon. These canyons are ideal places to go on outdoor excursions, whether you decide to hike through the area, visit on a tour, or go horseback riding.

About two thousand years ago, the Cahuilla Native American tribe first began laying down roots in the Indian Canyons, establishing permanent and summer residences in the canyons and migrating to the current site of Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs in the winter for the location’s hot springs.

In the Indian Canyons of Palm Springs, you’ll find Native American artifacts in the form of petroglyphs, pictographs, and mortar holes for grinding acorn into meal. Complementing the fascinating historic side of the canyons is the abundance of desert plants and animals. The towering palms that gave Palm Springs its name are spread throughout these canyons in dense, blanket-like swathes. Streams trickle, birds sing, desert wildlife like bighorn sheep roam, and peaceful waterfalls can all be seen here.

Among the canyons, Tahquitz is the most popular. This is a popular spot for an Indian Canyon hike in Palm Springs. Guided hikes are often offered here, though you can also go on a solo journey to the base of a sixty-foot waterfall that was once featured on the classic 1937 film Lost Horizon as the entrance to Shangri-La. Tahquitz Canyon also has an informative visitor’s center with exhibits, highlights, and a short film on the Native American culture of the region.

Palm Canyon and Andreas Canyon are known for their vibrantly colored rock formations and for having streamside oases lined with gorgeous palm trees. In particular, Andreas Canyon has over one hundred and fifty species of plants within a half-mile radius. Take the two-mile trail between Andreas Canyon and Murray Canyon and you’ll encounter enormous fan palms, barrel cactus that swell up in size after the rains each spring, and red cliffs that extend quite a ways down. At the end of the trail, the Seven Sisters terraced waterfall greets you.

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