Hopalong Cassidy Trail

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in all of Palm Springs is also one of its most popular, and no trip to the Palm Springs area is complete without a good hike along the Hopalong Cassidy Trail!

About the Trail 

Dedicated as a tribute to the legendary film star and recording artist Herb Jeffries, the Hopalong Cassidy Trail is a 7.4-mile loop that is considered by many to be a moderate difficulty trail. Located near Palm Desert, this trail is great for those looking to explore the beautiful wilderness around the Palm Beach area or add a little something special to their morning hike or job. The trail is open year-round and is typically more crowded during the winter months than in the warmer summer months. Unfortunately, your furry four-legged friends will not be able to join you on the Hopalong Cassidy Trail, as it is closed to dogs. 

Incredible Views Aplenty!

One of the best benefits of hiking along the Hopalong Cassidy Trail is the number of incredible views that you get to experience throughout your trip! Along the way you’ll come across a number of opportunities to soak in views of the majestic mountain ranges that surround the Palm Springs area or get majestic overlooks of the city itself. The views and photo opportunities are certainly worth the effort on this one! 

How to Get There

There are a number of different ways to access the Hopalong Cassidy Trail, and where you start all depends on how long you want your hike to be. You can access the trail via the Homestead Link at Homme/Adams Park, via the Gabby Hayes Link at Cahuilla Hills Park, or by taking the Mike Schuler trail at Painter’s Path. No matter which option you choose, it will certainly be worth the adventure! And all of these trails are located close to the affordable and spacious vacation rentals offered by Acme House Co.!

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