BMW Performance Center in Palm Springs

Add a thrill to your stay at a vacation rental home managed by Acme House Company with a visit to the BMW Performance Center West. Enjoy a track drive, driving class, or pro demo on this 30-acre property. Performance Center staff can you assist you in creating a custom event for your corporate group or guys or girls weekend. A fun attraction located close to Acme vacation rentals in Palm Desert or La Quinta and a 45-minute drive from Rancho Mirage or Palm Springs, the BMW Performance Center is worth the trip!

The Ultimate Driving Experience

Gearheads and speed demons simply must experience BMW Performance Center West for the ultimate driving experience in the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Tear down the black lake wet track, a multiple-configuration driving course designed to test even the most highly skilled drivers. Attended one- or two-day car control, teen, or M schools where you will learn how to manage auto dynamics in a variety of high-performance M cars. The Advanced Level M School will familiarize you with professional road courses and develop your racing skills.

M School

If you’ve dreamed of learning how to race like the pros then M School is for you. You’ll learn how to control powerful M cars in real time track conditions, and develop skills like cornering while keeping your eyes down the track, sensing which tire has the most grip, and precision braking and acceleration. You will learn the essentials of weight transfer, skid pad control, and under- and oversteer conditions on slick, wet pavement. You’ll also become skilled in drifting a car into a controlled slide and using the throttle to control the rear end of the car. M School graduates can proceed to the two-and-a-half-day Advanced M School to learn the ultra-fine points of road racing.

Teen Driving School

Teens can beef up their driving skills with BMW Performance Center’s one- or two-day driving schools. In the one-day school, students get comfortable with the high-performance car, then learn panic braking at speeds up 55 mph, emergency lane changes, vehicle handling, and avoiding obstacles while distracted. The two-day school features the skill-building courses of the one-day school and also includes double lane changes, wet and dry skid pad control, interstate braking, and driving different performance vehicle types.

How to Get There

86030 62nd Ave, Thermal, CA

(888) 345-4269

BMW Performance Center West offers bookings for corporate and special events as well as classes, and all classes must be reserved in advance. From Palm Springs, take I-10 east 24.1 miles to CA-86 S. Merge right onto CA-86 S and follow the signs for Brawley/El Centro/ 865 Expressway. Exit at Airport Boulevard and follow it 0.2 miles to Polk St. Turn left on Polk, follow two miles to Avenue 60. Turn right, go for one mile to Tyler St. Turn left onto Tyler, go a little less than a mile. The BMW Performance Center will be on your left.

Enjoy a day at the BMW Performance Center and other great attractions when you plan your stay in one of our elegant, luxury Palm Springs properties!

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