Araby Trail Palm Springs CA

There are a number of incredible hiking trails scattered throughout the Palm Springs area, but none will provide you with more historic or beautiful views than the Araby Trail!

About the Araby Trail 

One of the more popular trails in the Palm Springs area, the Araby Trail is a moderate out and back style 4.1-mile hike through the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. The trail features a significant elevation gain of approximately 1,400 feet, so make sure to stretch your legs before you get there! Dogs are also welcome on parts of the trail and there are signs that indicate where they are no longer allowed past a certain point, so don’t be afraid to invite your furry four-legged friends to come along! Acme House Co. has a wide selection of pet friendly vacation rentals to head out from.

Incredible Natural Views and Historic Houses! 

Of all of the highlights of the Araby Trail, the one that’s most popular with tourists and hikers alike is that it goes right past the old home of the legendary Bob Hope! The trail begins with the first quarter mile going over a residential area, including views of the legendary house. From there the trail moves into the heart of nature itself and provides opportunities for views of the beautiful mountain ranges, desert flowers and cacti, and so much more!

There are also spots on the trail that afford majestic views of the Palm Springs area below and make this hike all the more worthwhile. There are few views that you can find in all of the Palm Springs area than a beautiful sunset over the mountains, and there is no better place to experience this for yourself than on the Araby Trail.

How to Get to the Araby Trail

There are a number of different trails that connect with the Araby Trail, so you can tailor your hiking experience exactly how you like. You can either begin the trail at the Rimcrest/Southridge development (this is the best place to start if you’re looking to see the Hope residence), or by connecting with the Berns, Henderson, or Garstin Trails.

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