Visit the Integratron in Joshua Tree, CA

Some of the best sites in the greater Palm Desert area are off the beaten path. Musicians, scientists, yogis, and astronomers alike converge upon the Integratron, twenty miles north of Joshua Tree National Park in the magical Mojave Desert and sure to be a beautiful drive from your Acme vacation home. Built on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces, the Integratron’s unique architecture magnifies the earth’s magnetic field. Call to book a private sound bath for your group or to rent out the Integratron for a private event. Your Acme trip advisors recommend you don’t miss out on this out of this world experience!

An Out of This World Experience

Built in 1959 and designed by ufologist and contactee George van Tassel, the Integratron is a two-story, domed, acoustically perfect structure with properties similar to a Pueblo Indian sound kiva. Van Tassel maintained that the Integratron was capable of time travel, anti-gravity, and rejuvenation. The unique design is based on the writings of Nikola Tesla, the design of Moses’ tabernacle, and, according to van Tassel, telepathic instructions from extraterrestrials. Indeed, the atmosphere inside the Integratron is immensely relaxing and even other worldly. The unique acoustics inside the structure are like nothing you’ll ever experience. Sound literally swirls, cascades, and goes right through you. Any type of instrument or percussion played within the Integratron instantly transports you to another realm, and many people claim such a sound experience can heal various ailments.

How Does It Work?

According to van Tassel, every biological cell has a unique electromagnetic frequency (EMF). The Integratron utilizes not only kiva-like architecture, but also a multiple wave oscillator that combines a high-voltage Tesla coil with a split-spring resonator to generate ultra-wideband EMFs. These frequencies resonate with cellular frequencies, bringing the EMFs in your body’s cells into balance and effectively “recharging” them. In essence, every cell in your body is recharged much like a recharging a drained car battery. Additionally, the Integratron is constructed atop a geomagnetic anomaly, making its healing and rejuvenation properties that much more powerful.

The Sound Bath

For the ultimate in unconventional relaxation therapies, embark on this unforgettable 60-minute Integratron sound experience. The Sound Bath is a sonic healing session that consists of crystal bowls being played live for 25 minutes followed by 35 minutes of sound integration combined with recorded music.

How to Get There

2477 Belfield Blvd, Landers, CA

(760) 364-3126

The Integratron is located near Joshua Tree National Park. From the Palm Springs Visitors Center follow Tram Road then N. Indian Canyon Drive to CA-62 East. Turn left on CA-62 then follow it 14.7 miles to CA-247 N/Old Woman Springs Road. Drive north on CA-247 10.6 miles to Reche Road. Turn right, head east 2.5 miles to Belfield Blvd. Turn left, go 2 miles down Belfield Blvd. and you will see the Integratron on your right. You can’t miss it.

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