Escape Room in Palm Springs

If you are ready to get the adrenaline pumping after a relaxing day by the pool at your Acme Vacation home rental, one of the best activities in Palm Springs for groups, date nights, or teambuilding is the Escape Room. During this live adventure “Escape Game,” you will work with your family or group to use clues to orchestrate your escape from the “Vampire’s Lair,” “Titanic” or “Mystery” rooms. There is an Escape Game for everyone in your group; check the website to see which rooms are appropriate for children under 12. Thrilling fun for all ages!

An Experience Like No Other

Escape rooms are the latest craze in interactive gaming. Instead of being in front of a computer screen figuring out clues to get to the next level, you are actually in the game physically solving mysteries. Escape Room Palm Springs offers thrilling, heart-pumping action games where you work together with your team to solve a puzzle that will allow you to escape the room. Players have set time limits to use hints, clues, and strategies to unveil the secret plot hidden in the room. Escape Room has numerous exciting rooms to choose from, and children are welcome to join in on the fun.

What to Expect, Bring, and Do

You will want to get to Escape Room early for your team’s orientation. Generally, Escape Room allows more than one team at a time into the rooms, the teams together comprising a group. If you or your team arrives after the orientation begins, you will not be permitted to participate. We know that sounds strict, but there’s good reason for Escape Room’s rules. Want the room just for your own team? If you’d rather not be matched up with strangers, just check the “private” box when making your reservation. Since you will be moving around a lot, you will want to dress comfortably for any Escape Room game; you won’t be doing anything like lifting or moving heavy objects, though bending, crouching, and other physical movement may be required. You won’t need to bring anything with you into the room except reading glasses if you use them. Escape Room does not permit the use of cell phones, cameras, or other electronic devices in the rooms, so be sure to leave them at your Acme vacation home or turn them off.

How to Get There

560 S. Williams Road, Palm Springs

(760) 779-8888

From Palm Springs International Airport, take Highway 111(Gene Autry Trail) south to Ramon Road. Turn right; go one block to Williams Road and turn left. Escape Room Palm Springs will be about 200 feet down on the left.

Add an afternoon of mystery to your itinerary with Escape Room Palm Springs on your next stay in Acme's lovely and affordable rental properties. Give us a call today to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!

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