The Choreography Festival

Palm Springs, California and the surrounding areas of this dynamic destination are well-loved by locals and travelers for the many vibrant and exciting opportunities they provide. From amazing weather to stunning landscapes and the array of shopping, dining, and entertainment in between, this Southern California city has long been an epicenter of creativity and fun. For those travelers with a heart for dance, Palm Springs proves to be a destination that also delivers world-class performances.

Prepare to Be Inspired at This Palm Springs Festival

The McCallum Theater at 73000 Fred Waring Drive in Palm Desert has long been an icon of entertainment and education in the area. With a focus on the performing arts, the McCallum Theater opens its doors to the public in the name of inspiring performances that reflect a sense of diversity and inclusion on the stage. Every November, the McCallum Theater hosts the annual Choreography Festival which draws in thousands of visitors and performers. For over 21-years, the theater has invited aspiring, up-and-coming as well as professional choreographers to come to Palm Desert and put their best work to the test, much to the delight of the public audience. National and international companies make their way to Palm Desert in the name of dance for these festivals in California and provide audiences with an extensive look at inventive, cultural and creative traditions that push the limits of movement in unique and amazing ways.

A Festival for the Entire Family

The Choreography Festival is a two-day Palm Springs festival that is family-friendly and a wonderful way to introduce young audience members to the many types of dance that exist. Day one of the festival generally hosts the professional companies while day two is dedicated to opening the stage to those companies and choreographers who are on their way into the business at full force. Day two is also a day where local dancers from Palm Desert and Palm Springs are invited to display their dance routines, putting a nice local touch on the diverse lineup. Tickets to this event are required for entrance and available online through The McCallum Theater prior to the festival. Whatever day you choose to partake in this fantastic festival, it’s sure to be an inspiring encounter with some of the most creative dancers to grace the nation.

An Inspiring Palm Springs Getaway

When you’re in Palm Springs to make the most of the Choreography Festival, or for one of the many other festivals in California, make sure you’ve booked a beautiful vacation rental with Acme House Co. to return to once the performances come to a close. We’re here to help you find a property that fits your taste and style. Contact us today to begin planning your Palm Springs adventure!


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