Certified Farmer’s Market in La Quinta

California is known for its fresh take on just about everything. From weather to fashion and outdoor activities, there’s something wonderful about a trip to Southern California where it’s possible to encounter authentic and fresh moments of many kinds. When it comes to this area’s farmers markets, it’s no exception to the rule. La Quinta, near Palm Springs, is one of the most popular California destinations when it comes to hitting up a certified farmer’s market. From fresh produce to hand-crafted goods, this amazing market is a must-stop for travelers looking to savor the many flavors of California during their trip.

A Fresh and Seasonal Experience At This Farmer's Market in California

Between the months of October and May, the certified farmer’s market in La Quinta is open to the general public every Sunday between 8:00 am and 12:30 pm. Make your way to Old Town Main Street for a chance to wander through an array of tables, stands, and tents that are offering up some of the most flavorful and freshly produced products around. From fruits and vegetables to herbs, honey and nuts, the certified farmer’s market in La Quinta provide a plethora of options available for purchase. The majority of vendors on-site at this Palm Springs farmers market live and work within 100 miles of La Quinta, giving the experience a local and family-based atmosphere. Guest are often thrilled to learn that nearly $100 of the produce available at this farmers market comes from California. Come enjoy brunch and browse the freshly cut flowers before picking up some fruits and vegetables that will make for a wonderful afternoon snack.

Beyond the Produce

While a walk through the produce stands proves irresistible at this farmers market in California, there’s much more to see and do when you’re looking for an interactive experience as well. Live music fills the air at this Sunday market and a variety of demonstrations are scheduled each week ranging from cooking to cleaning strategies. The certified farmer’s market in La Quinta promises to be a fun time for visitors of all ages.

Palm Springs Calling

When you’re in town to make the most of the Palm Springs farmers market, let the team at Acme House Co. take care of your vacation rental needs. We’re here to make sure a day of browsing the California produce is followed up with a wonderful night’s rest in a property that brings the comfort, quality and style you’ve been searching for. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your trip!


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