Art Under the Umbrellas

If you happen to be in the Palm Springs area and are looking for an event that inspires the creative spirit in everyone, look no further than a day spent at Art Under the Umbrellas. As the name suggests, this family-fun event is a perfect opportunity to get out and browse some beautiful displays of inspiring and creative artwork crafted at the heads of local artisans.

A La Quinta Favorite

Art Under the Umbrellas is well-loved by locals and visitors alike for its fun atmosphere and beautiful displays that give local artists a chance to highlight their most inspiring work. The event is held on Main Street in Old Town La Quinta on a select number of Saturday between January and March. IF you have any trouble finding it, simply keep your eyes peeled for the many colorful umbrellas that line the street and stands that dot the curbsides. The namesake of this event makes it a visual work of art all on its own! Over 80 artists are featured at this highly-popular Palm Springs Art event, providing plenty of options for perusing and browsing different style and selections of artistic mediums along Main Street.

Savor the Stay While Enjoying Palm Springs Art

Stopping in to enjoy the artwork at Art Under the Umbrellas promises to be an intriguing excursion but there’s much to enjoy beyond the umbrellas as well. This event plays host to a variety of live musical performances and the many restaurants and boutiques along Main Street make for a dynamic afternoon full of shopping, fun, and flavor. Once you’ve found that perfect piece of art to add to your home collection, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and spend some time people-watching. Art Under the Umbrellas generally runs from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm giving guests plenty of time to take in the sights and make the most of the art that’s readily available for purchase.

Palm Springs is Waiting for You

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